Baptist Children's Home

The Arkansas Baptist Home for Children campus is located in Monticello on the same 80-acre home and farm site that Miss Hannah
Hyatt  gave to Arkansas Baptists in 1894, so there would be a place to care for Arkansas's orphans.

Today, very few of the residents are orphans. They come from homes where they have been abused, where there is serious family
conflict or where their parents lack the skills necessary to care for them.

The Home seeks to provide them a Christ-centered place of safety and security where they can grow physically, emotionally,
academically and spiritually. The residents are usually school-aged children and youth.

At the Home, the children live in six different cottages with their house parents. There are three boys' cottages and three girls'
cottages. Each child has its own bedroom. Meals are served family style and the children learn to work together in their cottages.

The children attend local schools and Southern Baptist churches. Many are involved in extracurricular school activities, church
activities and community events. Additionally, the Home has a full time recreation worker and the children enjoy a wide variety of fun
activities, sports and entertainment opportunities.

Children come to us through private placement by a child's parent or guardian who decides to place the child with us for a time or
from the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Each child is assigned a case manager who develops a plan of care for them
and, when possible works to reunite the family.

More than anything else, the Home is a place of love, care and discipline for the approximately 75 children who live there each year.
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Mission Trip to ABC Homes

About 22 members traveled to ABC homes Monticello campus. This was a first time trip for our new song leader/ associate pastor.
We had a blast!

We started out at 9:30 am. We sang songs and goofed off the whole way there.

As we arrived, we were greeted by Dave the activities director. He was very informative and explained the history of the campus and
how each family home works. We were also able to see the beautiful renovation of the main building. The women's volunteer board
headed this up and volunteered many hours and resources and they did a awesome job on it.

We then were divided into groups and went to each family home. We were able to "break bread with them" for our lunch. I was in Pruit
cottage. This was with the younger girls. I was joined by my in-laws and Shane and Savannah. Before and after lunch, we were able to
hang out with the girls. These ladies are always so inviting and sweet. I had the pleasure of visiting with Leanna and wow did she blow
my mind. We had alot of similarities. She was so excited that I had also grown up at ABC homes and that I was around her age when I
lived on campus. While we talked a lot about girly things, we also shared part of our life stories and God always reminds me how
sweet His mercy and grace is when I visit with ABC homes children.

One of our youth, Nichole Rutherford, also works with children. She works at the Boys and Girls club in Bryant. She had contacted me
about the RAD group. She is a leader in this group and they were wanting a project for ABC homes. She had asked me what they
could do and I suggested to her that if she were a child and away from her parents what is something that she might like. She decided
on stuffed animals with notes on them. This was only about two weeks before our visit. The children at the Boys and Girls club donated
around 40 stuffed animals and each one of them had the sweetest valentines notes on them sine this was around valentines day. At
the end of our visit Nichole brought the stuffed animals out where the majority of the children were playing and they loved them!

On our way back, as usual, we stopped at The Village, in Star City. This is a Christian run community and they are always so
welcoming. We got ice cream and baked goods and it was a perfect end to a perfect trip. We arrived back at church around 5:30 pm.

We have received some of the sweetest letters of thanks from the entire campus for our visit. We have already began working on
coming again and staying the night on campus and having a missions day with the whole campus.

God is so huge. Growing up in the care of ABC Homes and family ministries was the highlight of my learning about Christ and the
disciplines of life. Now, to be able to come back with my church family, that has been faithfully giving to this ministry for many years, is
just amazing
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