Crystal Hill Baptist Church had her beginning in the hearts of a small group of people and a man of God, Rev. Harry Leroy Mowrey.  Under his leadership on August 1933, these people gathered under an old oak tree, on the present site of the church, for a revival meeting.  On September 14, 1933, they were organized as a Baptist Church with seventeen charter members.

The first building was a small wood frame structure built from logs, which have been hauled to the mill, cut into lumber, and then hauled to the building site.  It had a clapboard roof, gaslight, and one small wood burning stove.  The pastor and the congregation moved into the building with only one-half of the floor laid and none of the ceiling completed.
Increasing church membership caused the need for expansion, and in 1954 a new sanctuary of white concrete blocks was built.  Educational wings were added in 1963 and 1967.  The sanctuary was completely remodeled in February 1968.
On February 22, 1975, at 4:10 P.M. the church building was virtually destroyed by a tornado which created a path of destruction through the community.  Only sections of the front walls of the church building and the basement were left standing.  During the reconstruction of the building, services were held in Lawson Elementary School.  On August 3, 1975, services were held in the Church's unfinished two-story Educational wing.  The new structure was made of red brick, and the sanctuary was enlarged with a number of interior improvements, including a balcony to accommodate overflow attendance.  The new facility was dedicated on Sunday, November 30, 1975,  and also marked the observance of the church's 42nd homecoming.
In 1995 God began to give the church a vision of improving it's property and building a building suitable for strengthening its members and reaching out to the lost and unchurched in the community.

Using a financial plan called the "Together We Build" and utilizing the gifts, talents and physical strength of will workers a 122' x 155' Christian Life Center was constructed.
With the growth of the Church, services had moved to two Sunday morning services, one at 8:30 A.M. and one at 11:00 P.M.  On May 4, 2003,  the church met together in the Christian Life Center and a "Sharing Our Vision" campaign was presented for a new church to be built next to the Christian Life Center.  It was based on the simple ideal of "Not Equal Gifts, But Equal Sacrifice" for the funding of the new church.  What began on that day, was realized by the members on September 2008 when our first service was held in the new church.  The previous building has been renovated into the children church and youth building.
Some of our history... So we could tell HIS STORY
This information is shared in the hopes that open hearts will embrace the vision God is continuing to give His church here on the hill.

The face of Crystal Hill Baptist Church has changed many times since Brother Mowrey and the other visionaries met in 1933, but the commitment and need of sharing the Gospel is still the same.
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